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Contest Rules for KNTY

To all 101.9 Wolf (KNTY) winners:

You have 30 Days to claim your prize. KNTY only allows one prize winner per household in a 30 day period and only one prize winner per household in a 30 day period from any other Entravision radio stations. If the prize is not claimed after 30 days it will be considered forfeited. You need to present a valid government issued pictured identification.  For any prizes with a value of $500 or more, you will need to provide a social security along with identification and a 1099 form for which you will be responsible for the taxes on the value of the prize. You will be ineligible to win any prizes for one calendar year from winning date for a prized valued at $500 or more. You cannot precede legal action to Entravision Communication Corporations, subsidies representative agencies, or the companies affiliated with the prize won. The prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for other prizes.  Entravision Communications is not responsible for applicable government taxes and fees, any litigation or cancellation of the prizes due to cancelled events. You cannot participate if you are an employee of Entravision, sponsor, or if you work at any other radio station. The general rule of the contest winning can change without notice. Failure to abide by these rules will result in disqualification from any future contests by Entravision Communications. You can ask for a copy of the rules from Entravision at 1436 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA 95815, between the hours of Mon. – Thur. 8:30a -5:30p and Friday 8:30a – 5p.

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