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Aaron Einhouse Gets Real With New Album, ‘It Ain’t Pretty’

Aaron Einhouse is releasing a new album titled It Ain't Pretty, and it's a powerful song cycle about the ups and downs in relationships and life. Continue reading…

Tucker Beathard Longs for Lost Love in ‘Rock On’ Video

Tucker Beathard's "Rock On" video uncovers a truth that social media doesn't always show. Continue reading…

Drake White Is ‘Livin’ the Dream’ by Giving Back to Local Communities

Drake White’s idea of "livin’ the dream" might be a little different than most, because for him, it’s not a life of luxury, it’s giving back to the community. Continue… MORE

Kelly Osbourne Loves the Rumor That She’s Dating Dustin Lynch

Rumor has it that Dustin Lynch has been cozying up with Kelly Osbourne, daughter of famous oddball rocker Ozzy Osbourne … but is it true? Continue reading…

Maddie & Tae Make Nice With Bully Who Inspired ‘Sierra’

Inspired by a real-life bully that wreaked havoc on Maddie Marlow in high school, bandmate Tae Dye urged Marlow to get closure by texting "Sierra." Continue reading…

Carrie Underwood Eyes ToC Top 10 Countdown With ‘Church Bells’ Video

Scotty McCreery's grip on the Taste of Country Top 10 Video Countdown will come to an end with this week's lineup. Can country goddess Carrie Underwood take his place? Continue… MORE

Brad Paisley’s New Album Will Also Include Mick Jagger

Brad Paisley's next album will also feature collaborations with two classic rockers and a famous pop music producer. The singer says Mick Jagger, John Fogerty and Timbaland also show up… MORE

Album Spotlight: Jennifer Nettles, ‘Playing With Fire’

Jennifer Nettles' Playing With Fire is an uncompromising working woman's album that the rest of her fans will enjoy from a safe distance. Continue reading…