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Luke Bryan Adds Second Nashville Show to Dirt Road Diaries Tour

What's better than one live dose of Luke Bryan? Two live doses of Luke Bryan. Continue reading…

Kellie Pickler’s ‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ Video With Derek Hough Wasn’t as Intimate as It Looked

Kellie Pickler's recent 'Someone Somewhere Tonight' video featured her 'Dancing With the Stars' partner Derek Hough as her co-star. It was incredibly intimate and overtly sensual, with lots of gorgeous… MORE

Kenny Chesney Makes His First-Ever Mid-Show Costume Change

Until Wednesday night (Aug. 7), Kenny Chesney had never left the stage to change outfits. If there was a spill, a rip or he was just uncomfortable, the 'When I… MORE

Chris Stapleton Responds to Tom Petty’s Country Criticism, Asks Him to Write Music

Tom Petty sparked the ire of country music fans and artists earlier this week in an interview that found him trashing and insulting modern country acts. He deemed the popular… MORE

Celebrity Look-Alike: Chris Young Finds Blake Shelton’s Blond Twin

Blake Shelton is a handsome man, but women who prefer blonds to guys with dark hair will be delighted to know there is a lighter-topped version of the singer walking… MORE

Justin Moore Is a Scary Dad

Justin Moore has admitted that when it comes to disciplining his daughter Ella, he's one big pushover. But, when it comes to potential suitors for his 3-year-old? He's not a pushover;… MORE

Judge Dismisses Curb Records’ Latest Lawsuit Against Tim McGraw

There's some good news for Tim McGraw that spells bad news for his former label, Curb Records. The two sides have been embroiled in years of legal battles, and the… MORE

Sheryl Crow Now Rocking an Eye Patch After Playing With Her Kids

Sheryl Crow isn't trying to make eye patches fashionable, even if she does look fantastic when aping One-Eyed Willie. The singer merely adopted the black patch to protect her sore… MORE