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Tyler Farr Insists Blake Shelton’s Hunting Camp Is Basically ‘Jurassic Park’

Tyler Farr and Blake Shelton have really hit it off as friends. Continue reading…

Do Record Reviews Matter in the Age of Social Media?

The record review used to be one of the most important pieces of coverage an artist could hope for in terms of career advancement, but that's changed significantly in the… MORE

Reba McEntire Busy Making Sure ‘Fancy’ Dress Is Flashy Enough for Vegas

It takes a lot of planning and hard work to put together a top-notch Vegas show, from music, to lighting, to sets. But Reba McEntire has one priority above all… MORE

Brad Paisley Reveals What Country Stars Thought of His ‘Crushin’ It’ Cartoon

When notorious prankster Brad Paisley released his hand-drawn, country-stars-as-super-heroes video for his new single "Crushin' It," sides were splitting and eyes were rolling all over the country music world. And… MORE

Meghan Linsey Duets With Kelly Clarkson on ‘Invincible’ on ‘The Voice’ Season Finale

Season 8 of The Voice came to a close on Tuesday night (May 19), and it went out with a bang. Stars across all genres of music came out to celebrate… MORE

Keith Urban Dedicates ‘Come Back to Me’ Video to Fans

Keith Urban has unveiled his passionate video for "Come Back to Me," a song from his 2013 album Fuse. Continue reading…

St. Jude Names Artists for John Rich and Friends Charity Concert

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has announced the lineup for their fourth-annual St. Jude Presents John Rich and Friends charity concert. Continue reading…

Country Jam 2015 Announces Exclusive Campground Party!

2015 Country Jam is right around the corner, and now fans have even more reasons to attend. The festival has just announced a Campground Party on the night before the… MORE